Notes: Microsoft’s Craig Mundie on NUIs, Avatar Kinect, Surface 2 and telepresence

Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer at Microsoft Corporation, recently gave an interesting talk titled “More Like Us: Computing Transformed” where he discussed natural user interfaces, Avatar Kinect, Surface 2 and telepresence. Read the full post for brief notes and thoughts.

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The problems with digital photography user experience

Digital cameras and camera phones have fundamentally changed the way we take and share photos. They have made photography much more accessible but also added complexity at almost every level. In many ways they have made photography harder for people who once happily took photos with their 35mm compact film cameras – but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Read the full post for details.

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Size matters: Searching residential real estate by floor area

How do you measure value when buying real estate? One important measure among a number of other factors is usable floor area.

We took a look at how size and floor area are represented on online real estate services around the world, and found that floor area is surprisingly underrepresented. Read the full post for more.

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Write a wiki instead of static documents

Do your projects involve creating “deliverables” that you then hand over to your client? Do you publish these as static documents and regularly send them by email? Have you considered whether this is the best way to capture and deliver the information you want to communicate?

In your next project, try using a wiki instead of writing linear, static documents. Make sure the whole project team has full access and make the wiki the key point of reference when working on the project. Read the full post for more.

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