Presentation: Usability testing – Just Do It. Five methods for improving usability in-house

We recently gave a lecture on usability testing including five methods that you can use to improve usability in your own projects. Read the full post for a complete set of slides and supporting materials.

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Tip: Print out your usability testing tasks

Moderated, task-based testing is the mainstay of usability testing and most practitioners are familiar with it. At Volkside we normally give participants their tasks verbally, however more recently we have experimented with also giving them a printed copy of each task. Read the full post for more.

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Test your screen designs with Infomaki

You are redesigning an existing website or working on a completely new design. How do you make sure your design helps users achieve their goals easily? By testing with real users.

Infomaki is a new open source tool from NYPL Digital Experience Group for getting quick feedback on how easy your website is to use. Read the full post for our experiences on how to run effective, lightweight usability testing using Infomaki.

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Size matters: Searching residential real estate by floor area

How do you measure value when buying real estate? One important measure among a number of other factors is usable floor area.

We took a look at how size and floor area are represented on online real estate services around the world, and found that floor area is surprisingly underrepresented. Read the full post for more.

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Evaluated: Going Solar

We conducted a limited expert evaluation of the public website of Going Solar, a leading renewable energy and sustainable living specialist in Victoria, Australia. The site is a solid starting point for but could be made much more user friendly with moderate effort.

Read the full post for our review with recommendations and suggestions on how Going Solar could improve their website.

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