We help you improve user experience by


  • User interviews – Develop an understanding of your users through discussion
  • Field research – Observe your users and understand their needs
  • Online research – Observe and understand your users via web-based tools


  • Information architecture – Design an easy-to-navigate structure to underpin your website
  • Metadata definition – Describe your content to make it easier to find


  • Interaction design – Design the behaviour of your website or application
  • Interface design – Design individual website pages or application screens


  • Usability testing – Test your website or application with real people for concrete, actionable feedback
  • Expert evaluation – Review your product's usability against industry best practice using our expertise
  • Listening labs – Let participants demonstrate their user experience through non-directed conversation



Our products for better UX

Naview website screenshot
Naview helps you design and build navigation prototypes quickly and test the usability of your information architecture with local or remote users. > Use Naview External link icon

Wirify screenshot
Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. You can also export these wireframes into OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Visio or Illustrator for editing. > Get Wirify External link icon

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A blog full of insights

24 Sep

Change of scenery

This is Jussi’s last post here as he will be joining a leading Melbourne user experience agency. Volkside products Naview and Wirify will continue to be available. Read the full post for details.

21 Sep

Presentation: Wirify – Lessons from a micro internet phenomenon

This presentation on Wirify discusses the original concept, the launch in December 2010, and what followed. It also includes lessons we learned, to help fellow online entrepreneurs plan and build their web-based products. Read the full post for more.


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We help you solve these problems

We help our clients solve problems like these:

  • "Our users are having difficulties locating relevant information on our website"
  • "We want to understand the context in which our customers use our website"
  • "The checkout process of our online store is inefficient"
  • "We're not sure if users really understand information on the key pages we have on our site"
  • "We get lots of people accessing certain pages on our site but don't really know what they do there"
  • "We're not sure how to prioritise content in our upcoming website redesign"
  • "We think we're on the right track with our draft design but would like a second opinion"
  • "Our site search doesn't work as well as it should"

If you've encountered similar issues with your website or web application let us help you.

People we work with

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