Tip: Print out your usability testing tasks

Moderated, task-based testing is the mainstay of usability testing and most practitioners are familiar with it. At Volkside we normally give participants their tasks verbally, however more recently we have experimented with also giving them a printed copy of each task. Read the full post for more.

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Poster: Card sorting guidelines for participants

In recent card sorting sessions, we have made a poster with “card sorting guidelines” available to the participants. These guidelines serve as a quick reference when the participants are immersed in sorting the cards and remind them of the “do’s” and “don’ts” in grouping and labelling. Read the full post for more.

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Using Treejack to test your website structure

You have designed an information architecture for a new website that you’re going to build. How do you make sure it’s easy for your users to find the information they are looking for? By testing with real users.

Read the full post on how to run effective IA testing using Treejack, a great new tool from Optimal Workshop.

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