Create easier navigations using Naview – Sign up for Early Access now

Naview helps you create easier navigations through prototyping and testing. We have been working hard on a new version of Naview and the beta is finally out!

Naview is made for user experience and information architects, business analysts and web designers who design large website structures – if that’s you Naview helps you:

  • Design and build navigation prototypes quickly
  • Test the usability of your navigation with users

Sign up now to try Naview – it’s free! Paid plans and pricing will be announced later.

To learn more please go to screenshot

Also read our previous posts on Naview:

These two posts discuss an earlier version of Naview. The basic principles remain same even though the new version has much more functionality.

Go try it out now and let us know what you think!

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    A quick update: We have had some great coverage recently over at:

    Wireframes Magazine: Naview Beta – thanks to Jakub!
    MakeUseOf: Naview: Build Easy Website Navigation Through Testing & Prototyping – hat tip to Kaly!
    Web marketing blog: Swiftly build a prototype of the site navigation and site map [using] Naview in Japanese – Google translation

    Thanks again for looking at Naview!

    Cheers, Jussi

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