Naview videos: Introduction and sharing navigation structures

In this post I’ll give you a video introduction to Naview and explain the new sharing functionality.

Naview is a navigation preview tool for rapid IA prototyping. It helps information architects design and visualise a new navigational structure and aims to bridge the gap between card sorting and IA user testing.

Getting traction

Since we introduced Naview last month it has generated a fair bit of interest among information architects and interaction designers. Jakub Linowski wrote about Naview in his excellent Wireframes Magazine, which helped it make Delicious50 (Delicious bookmarks with 50 or more bookmarkers). Thank you all for making this happen!

Introduction to Naview

Here’s a video introduction (2 min 15 s) to Naview that covers the same basic functionality as our first blog post:

New version out now!

Inspired by all the positive feedback we released a new version of Naview last week with the following enhancements:

  • You can now share navigation structures with others
  • Improved top level menu layout that accommodates longer labels
  • Click-to-expand submenus option
  • “White site” preview mode to let you focus on the navigation only

Sharing navigations using Naview

I’ll explain sharing and other advanced functionality in Naview in the following video: (3 min 07 s)

Try it out yourself

Go to Naview

We hope you find Naview useful – please feel free to share your experiences below!

Author: Jussi

Jussi Pasanen is the founder and principal at Volkside