Five elements your local business website must have

When was the last time you visited the website of a small local business? You probably had a question in mind – did the website answer it immediately?

Small business websites are often produced on a shoestring budget and updated sporadically. However a successful website doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of effort to maintain.

Here’s a list of five elements that you must have on your local business website:

  1. Business name
  2. Services you offer in one paragraph
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Location with exact address, including state
    Also show your location on an interactive Google map
  5. Opening hours.

Most of your visitors will be satisfied with this information, and all you really need is just a single web page. Conversely, if you leave out just one of the above items, many of your prospective customers are likely to move on to your competitor’s site.

Can your customers find the above information on your website in under 10 seconds?

Gimres Shoes sign by Joseph Robertson
Photo credit: Joseph Robertson

Other elements you should include

  • If you offer delivery or visit customers, list the suburbs or areas you operate in
  • Include a photo of your building facade so it’s easy to identify when driving or walking past
  • Provide directions using Google Maps so customers can get to you easier
  • If you run a restaurant include your menu and prices but only if you are committed to keeping them up to date.

Update: Whilst this article was being drafted Cheryl Gledhill posted some good tips for restaurant websites on the Pinch/Zoom blog: Why are restaurant websites so dreadful?

Author: Jussi

Jussi Pasanen is the founder and principal at Volkside