Wirify January update

Update Feb 2011: Wirify Pro with with OmniGraffle export is now available and you can learn more about Wirify over at the new Wirify.com.

We have just released an update two updates to Wirify, the bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. To use Wirify drag the link below to your Bookmarks toolbar (or see detailed instructions):

Please visit Wirify.com to install the bookmarklet

Then go to your favourite web page and click “Wirify by Volkside” in your bookmarks toolbar – it’s as simple as that!

Read terms of use and the original announcement. Latest version and instructions are always available on the Wirify homepage.

Volkside - Original vs Wirify wireframe - Movable information overlay
Wirify: Movable information overlay

What’s changed?

  • You can now move the information overlay around to avoid obscuring important page details (thanks David, Nikos, Tommy, Noel and many others)
  • New in Wirify 1.2.1: Separate images (crossed boxes) and interactive elements (player symbols), see CNN example below (thanks Noel for the idea and Erik Olson for inspiration on the visual design!)
  • Improved performance and accuracy on Opera and Internet Explorer (thanks Mike)
  • Added appropriate cursors for different parts of the interface (great idea Tommy!)
  • Added a visual symbol in the Wirify bookmarklet to help distinguish it from others (courtesy Neil Knauth)
  • Added a small watermark on bottom right.

Most of these changes are based on your feedback so please keep it coming!

View changes in detail (1.2.1 added) and visit the updated Wirify homepage for additional information and instructions.

The watermark has been added so the original domain name is visible even if the information overlay is moved outside the page. It’s intended to help trace the Wirify wireframe back to the original page for document management and copyright purposes.

We’ve decided not to include the wireframe level of detail control at this stage as it could compromise the simplicity of Wirify.

CNN International - Original vs Wirify wireframe
Wirify: Separate images and interactive elements. Source: CNN International

Wirify bookmarklet with visual symbol
Wirify: Visual symbol in bookmarklet

Your response to Wirify

Your response to Wirify over the past two weeks has been astounding! Here’s a brief statistics summary from 20 to 31 Dec 2010:

  • 34,000 visits
  • 50,000 page views
  • visitors from almost 150 countries
  • 34,000 pages wirified
  • over 1,100 mentions on Twitter

The vast majority of feedback has been extremely positive and I am humbled, proud and thankful for that!

Visit Wirify’s favourites for recent interesting and insightful mentions on Twitter.

Top 10 wirified pages

Here’s a list of the most frequently wirified web pages:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. The New York Times
  4. Yahoo Japan
  5. Google
  6. CNN
  7. Apple
  8. Der Spiegel
  9. GMail
  10. BBC News

(20 to 31 Dec 2010, excluding volkside.com, naviewapp.com and articles referring Wirify)

Happy New Year 2011!

I want to thank you for making Wirify successful and all our readers, clients, partners and friends for a great 2010 – I wish you a Happy New Year 2011!

This page last updated on 22 Apr 2011

Author: Jussi

Jussi Pasanen is the founder and principal at Volkside